The Story of The Yellow Barn

My folks fell in love, with each other, while college co-eds in the Fall of 1981.  They fell in love, with The Yellow Barn property, upon their return to Johnson County, Kansas, just shortly before the birth of my second brother, Nathan, in 1986.  They didn't realize their dream of owning the 12+ acre property until my brothers and I were leaving the nest, starting in 2004.

The property was originally purchased to convert to their "empty-nester" home.  It consisted of a three-story barn and an old farmhouse.  My parents began their 10+ years of renovation plans with the construction of the party pavilion on the south side of the parking lot.  It was to serve as a sheltered, though primitive, gathering space for sharing meals with family.  My parents worked most evenings and weekends finishing the top two floors of the barn and spruced up the exterior of our big yellow barn.

Eventually, my dad, Jerry Tenbrink, moved his CPA firm into the renovated second floor in 2005.  The third floor, originally intended to be a loft apartment for my parents, was leased to the current photographer and a studio was constructed.  Plans were made to design and construct their dream log home on the property.  As renovations progressed, my mother, Regina Tenbrink, carefully and cautiously opened and began operating a vintage-inspired gift and accessory store for the home and garden.  The Yellow Barn became a destination "boutique in a barn," and thrived right up to her retirement in November 2014.  Meanwhile, my parents continued their renovation journey with the completion of their home (we call the "big log house") in 2007 and extensive remodel of the original farmhouse (we call the "little log house").

My parents both come from large families with farming heritages, with fond childhood memories of great family gatherings and occasions.  It is our sincere hope to share with you our newly remodeled "gathering space" in the first floor of our beloved Yellow Barn.  My folks and I invite you to share in our dreams to provide our guests with an intimate, yet spacious, updated barn venue for all of your special life events.

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Jaci Tenbrink


"Family is not just an important thing. Family is everything."